Monday, 28 July 2008

Carly & Kirk 26-07-08

These images are a few from when we got Carly & Kirk away on there own as you can see they are smitten with each other :-)

In the next few days all the images will be at in the wedding galleries.



Carly & Kirk 26-07-08

What a wedding..........9.30am start, home at 11.30pm and we all had a fantastic time in between.

we have getting ready pictures of the bride & maids and a few where we had Carly & Kirk to our self's for and hour and just had fun.
These are just a few to tantalize you from the make up shots.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Clive Prices new foal !!

What a shock, one minute pony next pony & foal.

Just had to take a few snaps of the foal very nice looking about 36hrs old.


Bob & Blossom go to The Royal Welsh Show

Well Jen & Lucinda have traveled to their yearly outing at the Royal Welsh show and on Monday Blossom our Filly part bred had a very good day coming 3rd out of 7 in the Hunter class which seeing as she is a sport horse type was excellent.
In the afternoon she was in a very large class of 42 in the Sport Horse and came 4th beating a lot of very well known peoples horses .

Tuesday and its Bobs time to excel him self in a class of 39 in the in-hand sec 'C' class and bob came 15th and was reserve champion gelding, all of Lucinda's hard work during the winter has started to pay off and next year should be even better, so much for some folk saying he was un trainable :-) Blossom had a bad day through no fault of her own !! and came no where in the part-bred class still she beat the winner on Monday buts its the judge on the day that matters

Thursday Bob has two more classes so fingers crossed and he keeps his cool :-)

Pictures to follow when they get back.


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Venus's Pups are getting big

They can now stand on there back legs and look over the door of the pen, this little girl is waiting for her morning feed of ready break which they all love.


Monday, 14 July 2008

Bob wins at the Isle of Wight Welsh Pony & Cob Show

Handsome Bob wins Large Bred Welsh Working Hunter.
Bob wins Welsh In-Hand 'C' Gelding.
Bob wins Gelding Champion we always thought he was a champ, Also with Bob in the last picture is our Yearling Filly Blossom, she is not at all ready yet to be shown properly but she came for the experience and ended up wining Part-Bred Yearling & Best Island Bred so that was a nice surprise, and she went very well for my daughter Lucinda who is showing our horses this year,and showing them very well at that.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Tim & Nikki's Wedding 5-7-08

Bride & Sister having fun !
I love these lacing up shots.
Breathing is not allowed I thought Nikki was going to faint.
Not sure if I like the effects that I have put on these two.

I think they might have been having fun at my expense
Nikki's other sister who came to see her even though she was having contractions later had a boy
1st sight of each other always a nice moment.
Tim promising Nikki eternal love.
These shots are always funny as the rings never fit.

We now get the genuine smiles as all the tension has gone, wonderful.
Messing about as the sun was setting I have some work to do to this image.
Nikki off for more champers
Two stunning brides maids.

Well we had an eventful wedding at the Farringford Hotel an Freshwater, the Brides sister decided to have her baby so we nearly had Wedding & new born baby shots, the wedding was superb and as you can see from the images the B&G looked stunning and we wish them a long and happy marriage.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Irish Setter Pups

Look at them now like a load of suckling piglets.

Ha, fat contented pups with full belly's fast asleep, We have #5 for sale and they will cost you £600 each which when you look a the pedigree is a bargain, having bred and shown Irish Setters we have obviously looked very critically at these pups and they are all very nice it is going to be so hard choosing which one we want to keep.