Thursday, 21 August 2008

Trevor our much talked about Part-Bred doing British Eventing ( WOW see him jump )

Click the link and watch Trevor clear these jumps, not bad for having 50% Welsh Blood.

We bred Trevor, won all over the place in-hand then sold him as a three year old for a lot of money you can see why in this slide show.


Monday, 18 August 2008

It's Party Time

Lucinda the birthday girl all of 21.
One of Sam's mates Jackman
Another of Sam's mates.

Lu, and her party hat
Sam having a good time.
Lu and Elaine giving it large.

Went to school with the singer he recognized me I never had a clue who he was, Nigel Leppard of the band Riptide they were fantastic.

Sam and Lu with the joint birthday cake Sam as 22 a few months ago and Lu's 21 and it was our 25 wedding anniversary as well.
Hm, drunk!
Jen and some of her mates having fun.

Elaine really getting into it.
We had about 90 friends and relatives join us for a Birthday and wedding anniversary party on Saturday. It was Lucinda's 21st, Sam had his 22 a few months back, it was our 25th wedding anniversary and Jens 50th birthday in a few months so we decided to have one bash for all of them.
We had the Band Riptide play for us and I must say they were fantastic.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Joe & Dan 9-8-08

We had a nice wedding on Saturday at St Edmond's Church in Wotton, unfortunately we had rain which curtailed the outside shots but we still had fun, these are a few from the getting ready shots I will put up some of the service over the next few days.


Monday, 4 August 2008

Lucinda on the Cow at Stone Farm & a Grey that I liked.

Lu and the cow jumping for the first time for a long, Bonnie looks as if she is having fun.

These might be almost 3' but she is clearing them by miles. This Grey was jumping the smaller coarse I don't know who the rider is but I do like Grey's.
Stupid little jump really but at least its jumping them.


Lucinda & Elaine before the Cocktail Party

All glamored up and off to a Cocktail Party at Cowes Corinthian Yaht Club, so I just had to take a few images of them looking very nice.