Monday, 31 December 2007

Gamekeeps & Huntsmen beware

At great danger to myself.......
I bring you this worrying picture taken in the training camps of Afganistan.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Bob goes to Church on Christmas Day

Bob & Lucinda decided to go to church on Christmas day, so off they set from our yard at Chillerton, past the Hunt kennels and onto Carisbrooke where they then set off down the mall and into Newport.

Bob & Lu arrived nice and early for the church service at St Thomas Church, but bob was a little upset that the fairy lights were not lighting up the Christmas tree for him.

Into the church we go bob loved the organ but ate all the hay in the manger........ bad bob........

After the service bob went to find the Mayor at the Guildhall as he was most upset about the Christmas tree lights :-) then it was off to see the nannies before the slave ( dad ) picked them up in the horse box.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Friday, 28 December 2007

Frog goes out for the first time under saddle.

Time really flies it only seems like yesterday that a bunch of us went to Wales and returned with two foals, one yearling and a TB mare. Well the one that we have kept from that lot was not even supposed to be bought but I saw it, I wanted it, Jen (wife ) called it a chocolate tea pot and what the hell do we want her for gave in and let me bid for it.

Jen then was not happy at the price I paid :-) and was even less impressed when I named her
FROG, we had a very long trip home of 9hrs kept them all in for a while for worming and stuff ,then we all had our eyes out on stalks as this little grey thing bombed around the field like possessed lunatic then when all the other horses ran around the clumps of nettles frog just jumped them all for fun Jen then started to like her.

Any way here is

Penstrumbly Push Pop a Wild Law progeny.

With my crash dummy on board Lu.

As you can see Frog is a blue roan with lots of bone and masses of heart room.
We walked her with my self holding a rope clipped to the bit and Lu on board around the farm lanes and fields a ride of about 1.5 miles and Frog was a star.


Boxing Day Meet

Wow time flies and here we are again Boxing Day Meet, not at the castle this year but across the road next to the Nunnery, I actually enjoyed the field where they met as the view was outstanding with lots of room for people to stand about in.

The numbers of riders was very good which did surprise me as I thought that the meets had been poorly attended lately and the supporters were in the high hundreds which is excellent.

I also heard that a large sum of money was raised for charity so a very large well done to the Hunt supporters committee for that.

These Hounds are such deadly killers............ NOT they are better behaved than most house hold dogs as you can see from the image.

Looking forward to the New Years Day meet now at Gotten Lease, which should give me some jumping pictures which is what I realy like to shoot. It sorts out the photographers who can make the shot :-) Well I some times get it right.