Monday, 29 September 2008

Somerton XC

Wow what a day sun, sun & more sun, what with that, a fantastic coarse and lots of good horses what more could a photographer want ?

Well I certainly got it, a lot of people encouraging us to keep shooting the equine events on the Island and to keep the galleries up and running so here they are

And over 1200 images of the day, I missed a few riders but the rest all look fantastic so please have a look and enjoy them


Friday, 26 September 2008

A winner at last!

I see in the County Press that my ex groom for the 2007 season (botton image ) has won the nps23 Autum show, I must have shown her too many tricks :-) next stop the major shows, ha,ha

wilky ( wiping the tears from his eyes )

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bobby Dazzler shines again.

Lu has finally started to sort out Bob her sec 'C' Welsh Cob, after a year of hard work Bob has started to win and now the rewards are flying in, at the Dorset County Show Bob was the best Welsh sec 'C' in-hand, and now today Bob has won at the Isle of Wight Welsh Pony & Cob Show

Welsh Ridden Champion
Best sec 'C'
4yr and over Champion
Over all In-hand Welsh Champion
Welsh Supreme Champion

The Judge Mr J Llewllyn-james Of the Avon Valley Stud was heard to comment that Bob was one of the best section C's he has seen for a long time under saddle.

Well done Lu.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Friday, 5 September 2008

Mark & Stacey 4-09-08

Mark having his button hole pinned by mum.
What are you doing here..............
This was a sweet moment.
Trying to get the ring onto the finger, they never do go on easy.
Mark was so happy
And Stacy's look says it all.

We all went off to India for this shot.
Never seen a cake like this before absolutely stunning yet very simple.

Reception was at the Bargeman's Rest in Newport we had to dodge the rain for the outside pictures which was a shame.

Bride with all her brothers.
Groom being roughed up a little.

One of their daughters, wonderful eyes.
Another daughter with a non stop grin all day long.

And another daughter who was very shy but soon relaxed and I ended up with a series of lovely images of her.
Mark & Stacey were very unfortunate with the weather so we had no real outside shots but we made up for that at the Bargeman's Rest where I set up some studio lighting and we had fun, They were off to the Bestival for there honeymoon, camping.................. swimming more like I should think.
I think this was one of the more difficult weddings to shoot with the restrictions on places to shoot but I am very happy with the results and cant wait to see there faces when I give them there images and disc's.

John & Sandra's Wedding 30-8-08

John (right) and his best man
Sandra giving her dad a peck which he was a little surprised about.
Then we had a laugh about it.
The stunning flower girls
First look at each other I always like seeing these images just for the expressions.

All done.
Now you can see all the pressure has gone.

Thats it we have done it.
They were so keen to get outside I had to ask them to stop so that I could get the shot.
I that a wink at me or just the bright sunlight?
Bright sun light I think.

I dragged them off to the beach for a few shots by them selfs, its always nice to get a few with none of the bridal party in the way.

Lovely looking cake.
I kept trying all day to get a good picture of the flower girl but this is the only one that I liked.
Brides dad I think he has watched the Godfather to much....... a smashing bloke though.

All in all it was a very nice day, and very lucky with the weather, the couple were not used to having pictures taken of them selfs but I think they enjoyed the experience by the time I finished.