Monday, 23 June 2008

Frog learning how to be lunged..

Okay we will give it a go Lu
I can do it... Look its easy
Lu can I stop now........... please Lu, Lu, I'm a good girl.
Ahh thats better a nice walk
Yum, mints I must have been a good girl :-)

Frog is a stunning 3yr old Welsh Part-Bred filly that I bought as a foal from the Penstrumbly Stud. As you can see she is a fantastic looking Blue Roan, she moves and covers the ground with ease and jumps for the fun of it, all the other horses will canter around an obstacle in the field she will go over it, in my wifes opinion Frog will make a fantastic working hunter pony who should compete to the highest level.
She has been backed in the spring then turned away for a couple of months we are now putting in the ground work for the basic lessons.
Frog is for sale
if you go to you will see her fantastic breeding and find out more about her she is a
Grand Daughter of the famous Criminal Law.
Great Grand Daughter of Law Sociaty
Great Great Grand Daughter of the amazing Alledged who is a back to back winner of the
Prix De L'Arc De Triomphe so she has blue blood running in her.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Venus our Red Setter has her Pups.

Venus after five yrs of us trying to have pups from her has at last done it........ 7 lovely red pups
4 boys & 3 girls.
The top image is Vee belting around our fields like a demon dog :-) doing what red setters do best which is having fun.
And then we have the contented mum, with her red wrigglies.
Please keep coming back and watch as they grow, I will probably post new pictures every 3 or so days.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Island recon

Wow what a Fathers day I had, getting shot by what they called "SOFT BALL" What the hell is soft about it? pokes my head around a tree and some clever dick shoots me in the chin just under the mask that I had been given to wear " I said oww nasty man " if you believe that then you don't know me.
But I must say that I had fun trying to take pictures of them all and even more fun playing at war games in the afternoon, The people are really nice and friendly and the dedication to realism is fantastic.
To see more pictures go to
The last photo above I think the bloke was on something :-)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Jenny Wren

Ok this little lady is a Wren the second smallest bird in the UK in total about 1.5" or so.She has built a nest in one of our barns where the roofing sheets meet the steels, I had to set up the tripod then tether the 40d to the laptop with about 20' usb cable to the laptop, the idea was to get her in mid flight as she entered the nest, over 100 shots later and I gave up I could not get her in flight but any ways here is a nice perched shot. she is about 15' from the camera 200mm f11 125 M direct flash which after the first couple of flashs never bothered her.wilky

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Trevor !!

We bred and won huge amounts with this horse then sold him for lots of dosh.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Lee & Rebecca Baker Wedding 6-6-08

Making a promise to each other.
I managed to get the ring shot with no person in the way.

I just liked this one for the matching juice and wall colours.

Changed where I shoot at Northwood now this seems much better for photographs.

This has to be the first garter shoot that has been asked for, I did need some persuading to do it !!

There are several versions of this shot on the web site

Bloody birds fly to fast.

Groom wants a beer it must be opening time !

I love to take close cropped shots.

This shot had been planned in advanced and it worked almost as I wanted it too.

I boosted the colours just a little........... well a lot .

The cake shot not bad but they always put the cakes in the worst possible place for us photographers.
This wedding of Lee & Rebecca's had to be photography wise one of the easiest that I have shot, the people were wonderful, the B&G were happy to try things out with out worrying about the guests, we had a really good time at the beach in Seaview, and along the sea wall.
So thank you Lee & Rebecca and all of your guests for giving me such an easy wedding to shoot.