Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Brickfields Show 20th April

Lucinda went to this show to use it as a practice as she has been giving the Cow a few weeks off and surprise surprise she came second.

We almost never made it as I think the entries were low on some classes, and when we got to the grounds in what we thought was plenty of time we found the class was just starting so it was a little rushed to say the least.

The Cow was very well behaved and Lu seemed to get her to work well so all in all it was a good practice session.
If you look at the Cows legs they are covered in shite I was not very impressed I spent ages washing them booted her up and what does she do ............ gets off the lorry and craps all down the back legs, and they wonder why I don't like her!!
If you click on the image to make it full size then you will see the quality of my new camera, it is stunning, the image was taken with a Canon 40D with a 70-200 2.8L Canon Lens and this will be the standard of all my images this year.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Isle of Wight Grand National & Ashy Scurry

Just a sample of the 900 images on http://www.wightphotography.com/ the Isle of Wight Grand National & Ashey Scurry was held a week late because of snow and today was in lovely sunshine.
Go and have a look at the images and remember any pictures that you buy, all the profit from the sales goes to the Scurry as we have sponsored a jump and donated the money raised from our images to help support this wonderful event.
Wightphotography.com will be giving profits back to worthy causes this year. We will donate from 10% to 100% of sales profits depending upon the event so just email admin@wightphotography.com and we can discuss it.
We can cover portraits at dinner dances with full studio lighting or any outdoor events.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

10 Hours after the post below this one

This morning we had a blizzard and this afternoon we have sun and light winds which have gone from N-E to W and it has really warmed up, it is a really screwed up spring :-)

Just look at the difference in the pictures, still the Scurry will be held next Sunday which will be fun.

Today myself, Jen and Sam n Lucinda have all had a very nice Sunday carvery at the
Chequers Inn at Rookley Young Trish and Claire joined us as well and I think the whole pub thought that a troupe of escapes from the loony bin had arrived and I can honestly say that I have never had so much to eat for such a cheap price, and it tasted superb also the ice cold Guinness was SMOOOOTH.......


SNOW ??? its April!

Wow got to bed late last night as we had a very good photo evening at the Channel View Hotel at Shanklin taking portrait images of a dinner party totaling 80 or so people from Kent. We were using our new mobile studio lights for the first time and what fantastic lighting they gave I am really looking forward to our booked weddings when we will be able to use them for the formals.
Anyway woke up got every thing ready to go and photograph the IW Scurry as we are the official photographer opened the front door into a blizzard........... excuse me its April and its not the 1st :-) turned out that the Scurry has been canceled until next Sunday so watch this Blog for lots of fantastic jumping pictures as Children and Adults have fun over the jumps and don't forget the best pictures ( 2006 Scurry pictures ) will be at http://www.wightphotography.com/ and ALL PROFIT from image sales go to the Scurry organizers to help pay for this fantastic event.

Ohh and the picture is from my front garden looking over to Red pits above Blackwater.