Monday, 28 January 2008

Helena's Birthday Bash

I had a very enjoyable couple of hours photographing
Helena's birthday party on Sunday, and here she is with her two sons.

It was very interesting for the fact that Helena had her guests recall things that had impressed them over their lifetime and some of the recollections were very thought provoking.

"OOH who's that funny bloke"

The group shot, trying to get 57 people in a
group in the space of 15' when your lens will only go to 17mm we got it though with bounced flash as well.

And we even managed a glamor shot which was a candid shot with the canon 70-200 2.8 lens as she was talking to her friend.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Carisbrooke Castle Church

I was working at the castle and had a chance to look in the Chapel I would love to do a wedding here, this is a series of images stitched together, if you look close you can see two chains on the lights instead of one just click the image for a larger version.

Image prices

Just a little advert for the main web site
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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Heres some fun images

I don't know who painted and photographed these but they are true artists.They were sent to me by an American friend.

I think the eyes on the cat are fantastic.

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Well we went off to look at some new stables on the mainland with a view to having them and on the way back we stopped at Stonehenge, there must have been about 200 Germans, Jap's & all sorts of foreign people there and us, and what a disappointment when I was a little boy (only a few years ago ) we climbed all over the stones now you can not get near them.

Any ways here is a five shot merged image of the stones which worked out quite well as they were taken hand held.

Its not as impressive as it looks on my computer but just click the image for a larger size.


Saturday, 12 January 2008

Countryman Hunt Meet

What a lovely sunny day , which made it a very nice day to photograph for my own pleasure.

The Isle of Wight Fox Hounds ( ) meet was at the Countrymans at Brighstone where all the riders and supporters were given hot bacon baguettes and drinks.

I then set off up onto the downs to await the hunt at the only good jump that my poor old van could get to, and that was nearly a disaster as a puddle turned into a moat which was so deep I had water inside the foot well ( not to sure what "love chick" the boss will say ) anyway here are a few jumping shots

Stuart going over in style as usual

I was very pleased with this shot.

Karens horse making the jump look very small

Dont know who this is but I do like greys


Friday, 11 January 2008

The Two Lucindas

Finished work then a fast drive from Shanklin to Lake Farm and I managed to watch the end of the training session given by Lucinda Green.

But what made it even better was the fact that my daughter Lu was in the class on her new horse ( a black & White thing that I call the COW ) but what most people that know myself and the better half Jen don't realize is that Lu was named after Lucinda Green who was a hero of Jen when Jen competed at x-country on her grey hunter Lincoln.

I bet you really wanted to know that :-)

And here they are Lucinda Green & Lucinda Wilkins

Another riveting post by Wilky.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Emma & Dalbys pictures

Some of the wedding pictures are now on the galleries at

I still have a few hundred to go through and sort out before loading them up to the site.


Sunday, 6 January 2008

Gretna Green, Dolby & Emma's Wedding

Were back having traveled up to Gretna Green to photograph the wedding of Steve & Emma, a really nice & loving couple who both work for the Army in

The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery

The service was held in a huge church The Anvil Hall, which had to be the worst I have ever been to for light.

This meant I had to use flash on the camera, but the roof was so high it could not be bounced so it was direct flash with huge shadows but we got the job done.

Emma & Steve having been married by the Minister, watch as the Anvil is being struck which used to signify the marriage was official.

All the nerves have now gone

They had a horse & carriage to the hotel

Here we have the groom, grooms best mate who was the ring bearer, brides farther a Sargent in I think the rifles? just back from Iraq

And this is just confirming who is going to be the boss and its not looking like Dolby!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Off to Scotland on Thursday

Going to Gretna Green on Thursday to shoot a wedding, this will be our first wedding in a foreign country :-)

Its a long way to go an 800 mile round trip but we don't turn down any shoots and it should be fun as they might have snow which will give me some different images for the web site.

So watch out for the haggis shots, they should be on-line Sunday.


New Years Day Isle of Wight Fox Hounds Meet 08

We went to the meet today at Gotten Leaze to take some pictures of all the usual subjects.

It was a very nice day for January, a little sun, some clouds and very warm for which I was very grateful as my son & daughter have infected me with " MAN Flu" and walking up the bloody great hill was very hard.......................

Izzie who looks like she cant open her eyes from the night before!

Nice hat...

Out of the smoke came an horse n cart

HOW high was that fence ?

Don't know who this is but the horse looks nice.

200 odd pictures on the web site Hunting pictures gallery.

or the isle of wight foxhounds site.