Monday, 25 February 2008

Must be Love!!

Not really these two cobs are squaring up to each
other, typical males.......

Ryde canoe lake must have 60 or more swans on it but there are a lot more pen's than cob's for some reason.

Where is it.............. dam I must and have my eye's tested

Sunday, 17 February 2008

BSJA jumping at Lake Farm

1st time out for this 4yr old and although he is very green
it looks like he has a great future.

This is another young horse just starting its career

And then we have the experienced jumpers
making it look easy

Lucinda & John go to the zoo & what not.

A close relative of John or Lu ?

I think that the rock is smiling better don't you ?

Hmmm you have to wonder about these Army blokes !!

Under cover Agent LU - LU if you see my face I will have to kill you.....

Friday, 15 February 2008

Feeling Small ?

This fly can only be about 5mm long and that is a dead aphid on the stinging nettle below it.

Not as small as this bug in a butter cup that I
photographed a couple of years ago

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Sun setting over Freshwater

This lovely dropping sun was shot from Vittlefields Forest road as it
disappeared behind Freshwater Downs


Monday, 11 February 2008

Just a couple of pictures as I went about at work

The Gull was just a snap shot as it cruised the beach.

Very cold this morning but refreshing.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Feeling OLD ?

But not as old as the Ryde Queen I find it hard to believe that I
spent so many nights dancing on this boat its now being scrapped
Spring is nearly here this Jenny Wren was singing his heart out today